Aubrey Atwater's Workshops

Chording & Singing at the Same Time (Beginner)

Participants will learn basic chords in DAD and how to sing and play some verrrrry simple songs!
We will also talk about the keys best for YOUR voice. (Complete Beginner).

Fingerpicking the Melody (Intermediate & Up.)
Explore this beautiful technique of embedding melody into a fingerpicking pattern. Songs covered, all in  D-A-D, will include “The Blackest Crow,” “My Bonny, Bonny Boat,” "Resignation, " and a unique version of “Forked Deer.”  We will also create our own arrangement with a sweet, simple lullaby called “Hush Be Still.” Thrilling!

Songs of Jean Ritchie (Intermediate & Up.)

A delightful repertoire workshop with songs Aubrey has learned through her long contact with Jean Ritchie, the person largely responsible for introducing the dulcimer to the music world mid-20th century. We’ll cover a variety of songs; talk about Jean’s life and work; tunings, keys, and modes; playing with the noter; chords; using the dulcimer as a harmony voice; and modern interpretations of her songs.

From Warren, RI, award-winning musician, singer, dancer, writer, teacher and public radio commentator, Aubrey Atwater presents captivating programs of folk music, dance, and narration. Aubrey has performed throughout the United States and beyond, singing and playing mountain dulcimer, banjo, guitar, mandolin, and whistle, and thrilling audiences with her highly percussive freestyle clogging. In a scholarly, yet humorous way, Aubrey conveys the heritage behind traditional folk music and dance, showing deep passion and understanding of folk history and key players.

Aubrey is particularly well-known as a mountain dulcimer player and teacher. She teaches a wide variety of unique workshops and uses over twenty tunings, playing styles that are both deeply traditional as well as modern and innovative.  She counts long-time friend and mentor Jean Ritchie (1922-2015) as a great influence in her musical and personal life. Also, part of the acclaimed duo, Atwater-Donnelly, Aubrey and her husband Elwood Donnelly have fourteen recordings and nine books to their credit.
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