Butch Ross' Workshops

Get Off On the Wrong Foot (Beginner)
There are wonderful tried-and-true methods of learning the dulcimer that many great instructors are teaching in person and online… Well,  we ain’t gonna do NONE of them. This is a decidedly non-traditional approach to getting started on dulcimer OR a just great way to supplement what you already know.

Show Off! (Intermediate - Advanced)

Learn to make unusual, offbeat and fun sounds on the dulcimer. In short, stuff that sounds cool! Learn string bending, natural and artificial harmonics, Two-hand tapping, slapping, hammer-ons, pull-offs and using the dulcimer as a drum.

Musical Hiccups ( Intermediate & Up)

Sometimes there are phrases in tunes that have slight syncopations, often due to lyrics. While they may—on the page—seem hard and intimidating, they are as cuddly as a kitty cat, if you know how to tame them. So come learn how to go from "bah bah bah bah" to "badup buh-ba ba bada"

Butch Ross has been gleefully smashing disparate genres of music together for over ten years. Using the mountain dulcimer as a prism, he has used the instrument to conquer everything from Bach to the Beatles to Radiohead (and everything in between).
His restless musical curiosity and virtuosity, coupled with his innate ability to break complex concepts into simple ideas, have made him an in-demand teacher and performer at many folk and dulcimer festivals both in the States and abroad. He also plays Bass, drums, keyboards, samplers, guitars, ukulele and the Kazakh dombyra. He was a regular contributor to the Dulcimer Players News and has converted his articles for that late, lamented to online video lessons.
"Now I know what a dulcimer is supposed to sound like" —Jake Shimabukuro