Dr. Ehukai Teves' Workshops

Easy Mt. Dulcimer Chords for Any Key (All Levels)
Learn the easy method for playing chords on the mountain dulcimer to accompany your singing, play along with other instruments in different keys, and the theoretical knowledge to understand why. Play songs in different keys as well as understand the relationship of chords and melodies without looking, re-tuning or using a capo.

Playing the Blues and Improvising for Mt. Dulcimer (Adv. Beginner)
Why do they call it the Blues and why is it so much fun? Find out why people play the blues, how they play it and how you can enjoy it too. 12 bar blues chart and the patterns to play over them to squeeze the most blues out of it.

Mountain Dulcimer Master Class (Advanced)

Come and get help on your playing from a longtime professional multi-instrumentalist.
Bring your questions on playing techniques, creative ideas, phrasing, music theory, or your musical equipment.If you want to iron out difficult parts in a tune you’re learning, bring it in and Ehukai will be happy to help you.

Dr. Ehukai Teves

A native Hawaiian, Dr. Ehukai Teves holds a BA in music theory and vocal performance from the University of Hawaii at Hilo. Marinated in Hawaiian music growing up, then Okinawan music for a while, he enjoyed the melodies and rhythms. Being an army brat in Fort Bragg, NC, he encountered Southern Appalachian music. Playing rock and roll in the Canal Zone in Panama until graduation from High school infused him with Rock and Latino styling. After years of traveling around the world in search of authentic indigenous music, he fell in love with the mountain dulcimer and old time music. He now shares his collected knowledge teaching at festivals and colleges with his bride Lois Hornbostel.

Website - www.dulcimermusic.net