Karen Ashbrook's Workshops

Little Red Lark, a Celtic Lullaby - Intermediate

In this pretty B minor lullaby from the Isle of Man, a little bird is just trying to have a good night's sleep!
We'll explore the basic harmonies of Dorian, the exotic dissonance of minor 6 (m6) harmonies in Aeolian, and how to create an evocative interlude.

Manx Celtic Air Then & Now - Advanced Beginner
Learn about open chords and basic chord shapes, simple accompaniment, rolled chords and beginning separate hands, with this wistful song  of days past, Eisht as Nish, from the Celtic nation of the Isle of Man.

Karen Ashbrook: Artist, teacher, therapeutic musician

For more than 40 years, Karen has been an international pioneer and advocate in the revival of the hammered dulcimer. Along the way she added Irish wooden flute and pennywhistle.

Her career has spanned performances and teaching throughout Europe and Asia. She performs frequently with her husband Paul Oorts, a multi-instrumentalist from Belgium. Her strong commitment to using her music as a healing art led her to become a therapeutic musician, founding Music for the Spirit -healing hammered dulcimer music. 

Karen is a board member of the Cimbalom World Association, which promotes all forms of the dulcimer internationally.

Website: www.karenashbrook.com