Wendy Songe's Workshops

Program Your Strumming Hand (Beginner)

Your strummer is the drummer!  Come learn the ins-and-outs of keeping a steady beat, accentuating rhythms, creating patterns, and more!  You’ll march, waltz, and cha-cha your way to a pre-programmed strumming hand that automatically carries you thru your favorite tunes! (Tuning, DAD).

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Mt. Dulcimer Steady Strummer

Fretboard Short-cuts & Chords (Advanced Beginner).

Join us for this demystifying break-down of DAD tuning & the fretboard map!  You’ll find short-cuts for creating chords, tips for changing them with ease, discover repeatable patterns that fit comfortably in your hands, and increase your confidence for learning new tunes. (Tuning, DAD).

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DAD Fretboard Map

"King of the Faeries" (Intermediate & Up).

Grab your capo and a pick to join us for this traditional dance on the mtn. dulcimer!  With a syncopated beat and an accentuated drone, this fun, fast, flat-picking tune will challenge all your skills, help you build new ones, and shine a light on the hard work you’ve put into playing your dulcimer! (Tuning, DAD.  Capo 1)

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King of the Faeries

With a passion for music and helping others, Wendy’s musical education and teaching experience culminate in a fun, effective learning environment for students of all ages and abilities. 

The 2018 National Mtn. Dulcimer Champion & Folkcraft endorsed artist is noted for her dynamic arrangements & emotive compositions for mtn. dulcimer, guitar, piano, ukulele, bodhran and voice. 

Wendy has released two solo albums to date, 2015 ‘Test Drive’ and 2016 ‘DRIVEN’. Her discography also includes collaborations with The Vintage Wildflowers- 2014 ‘In Full Bloom’, Bing Futch- 2013 ‘The RV Project’, and Dr. Jonathan Dowell- 2012 ‘Celtic Christmas Showdown’ CD. 

Wendy’s commitment to helping others thru music extends beyond the classroom and into her community-building passion projects; The Sisterhood of Song Retreat, and Mobile Outreach Music Missions- providing music enrichment programs for veterans, seniors, youth and people with disabilities.

Information & support @ www.WendySonge.com