Ron Beardslee

Fluid on Five

Advanced Beginners will have an opportunity to develop more effective and efficient technical skills while learning five traditional pieces. The goal will be to think more about the sound being produced when playing the dulcimer rather than just the mechanics of getting fingers on frets at the right time. This workshop is most useful for those people who can already play simple dulcimer tablature using basic chords and rhythm patterns. The pieces range in complexity from Advanced Beginner to Intermediate skill levels.

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A Irish Blessing

My vision of dulcimer music can be summarized as “simple, quiet, and beautiful”. 
I believe that having a good foundation in technique allows a person to more easily produce the music that they seek.  I also believe that everyone has their own musical goals and my role is to help people achieve their goals.

I reside in Sonoma County where I do some performing and play with dulcimer friends as often as possible.  I have taught at the Redwood Dulcimer Gatherings, Redwood Dulcimer Day and Berkeley Dulcimer Gathering as well as with private students.  My current musical interests include classic country music and Pop Standards.
Ron Beardslee