Colin Beasley - Hammered Dulcimer

Introduction to Improvision (Intermediate)

Experience music in its most personal form by opening the door to the world of improvisation. Though it may seem daunting, you will learn simple and easy methods that will get you started in creating your own solos that sound great over a chord progression. Discover what a fulfilling experience it can be to freely speak with your instrument!

Introduction to Hand Independence (Intermediate)

Explore a new world of dulcimer playing by learning to separate your hands from one another. This class will help you develop the skill of playing melody in one hand and harmony in the other. Through various pattern exercises and simple tunes, you will gain the tools needed to create colorful, full sounding arrangements of your favorite songs.

Colin is a Spanish Fort, AL based musician who specializes in hammered dulcimer, steel pans, and percussion. Known for his unique style of playing, Colin mixes elements from a variety of genres in his music. These include classical, jazz, Irish folk, African, Brazilian, Cuban, Caribbean, and various others. 

Colin picked up the hammered dulcimer in November of 2013 and has since used his growth as a musician to grow as a player. After winning his first hammered dulcimer contest at the Southern Strings Dulcimer Festival just three months after he started playing, Colin has accumulated a plethora of hammered dulcimer awards including the 2015 and 2017 Southern Regional Champion, the 2014 and 2016 Deep South Champion, the 2016 Texas State champion, and the 2016 Mid-East Regional Champion.

In September of 2018, Colin competed in and won 1st place in the National Hammered Dulcimer Contest at the Walnut Valley Festival in Winfield, Kansas.

Since being named the "2018 National Hammered Dulcimer Champion," Colin has decided to no longer compete in contests. Instead, he has focused on expanding his musical knowledge to push the limits of the hammered dulcimer. He has self recorded two albums. The first, "La Tranquilita", is a relaxing, solo hammered dulcimer album filled with originals, classical pieces, and folk pieces. The second album, "The Legend of Dulcimer", comprises of covers from the "Legend of Zelda" franchise and showcases his "gumbo" style, incorporating many instruments and genres.