Lois Hornbostel's Workshops

Easy Playing Foundations to Build With (Beginner & Up)
What fingers to use in playing on the dulcimer’s fretboard, ways to make your melody notes clear, counting rhythm, right-hand techniques for smooth strumming, and a taste of fingerpicking too!

Cajun & Zydeco Good Time Music (Advanced)
Louisiana Cajun dance music has easy melodies, simple chord progressions, and exciting rhythms - which make it great fun to play on the mountain dulcimer! Lois will teach you to play a Cajun waltz and a two-step with authenticity. Then we’ll explore Creole “Zydeco” style music, how it differs from Cajun music, and how to play it.

Mountain Dulcimer "Roots" Music (Intermediate & Up)

Learn at least three simple and fun pieces of music from the early days of the mountain dulcimer’s Southern Appalachian Mountains history - a play party song, a ballad, and an old-time string band dance tune.

Lois Hornbostel

The Dulcimer Players News has written that Lois is “one of the most influential mountain dulcimer performers, teachers, authors, and event organizers in the country,” and that “she has been an inspiration to an entire generation of dulcimer players.”

Lois has learned most of her music and playing standards from within different music traditions. Participating with her dulcimer she learned in Irish music sessiuns in New York City, Cajun and Zydeco music while living in Louisiana, and Old-Time roots music in North Carolina. In recent years she and her husband, Ehukai Teves, have been enthusiastic participants in the fiddle conventions that are the “motherlode” of old-time and bluegrass music in Virginia and North Carolina. Between them they have won over 20 dulcimer playing championships at these events.

Lois loves to help and encourage others play mountain dulcimer. She has written 6 books on mountain dulcimer published by Mel Bay. In elementary school residencies with state arts councils, Lois has taught over 19K youngsters to play. More children and many adults have also learned through the dulcimer weeks Lois organized and directed at Appalachian State University, the Swannanoa Gathering, Western Carolina University, and “Dulcimerville.” She’s delighted to be returning to teach at her third Redwood Dulcimer Day with some of her early musical heros - Neal Hellman, Peter Tommerup and Kevin Roth.     

Website - www.dulcimermusic.net