Kevin Roth

Dulcimeditation Workshop Part II (All levels)

In this workshop I will do a review of dulcimeditation part 1- what is it, and how it is used effectively to help with stress and clarity. Then I will teach two instrumentals in tab and explain how to play them simply and beautifully, with simple breathing techniques.  Lastly, I will answer all questions about dulcimeditation and what I do with dulcimeditation and my Create Life Design sessions. Dulcimer tunings will be sent prior to workshop. 

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Singing with the Dulcimer: The Songs of Peter, Paul & Mary (All levels)

Kevin will talk about his musical friends and mentors Peter, Paul & Mary, and go over three of their most beloved songs with chords. Dulcimer tuning will be DAD.

Kevin Roth

Born 1957 in Philadelphia, Kevin Roth was a child prodigy, playing the piano by ear from the age of three. At thirteen he discovered the mountain dulcimer and fell in love with its sound and peaceful quality. “I first saw the dulcimer at a meditation gathering…It was love at first sight. The simplicity of sound, the elegance in the hourglass shape cedar and walnut woods, as well as the heart-shaped sound holes announced itself as my musical soul mate.”
      Although the traditional music of the dulcimer is simple, Kevin’s musical background and interests ranged from Peter, Paul, and Mary, to jazz, classical, and world music. He followed his calling and developed a style of dulcimer playing completely his own. “My generation was more rock and roll, but I tended to lean always towards the more thought-provoking ‘confessional‘ type artists. I had played the piano by ear since the age of three, and studied voice at about the age of twenty. My voice teacher told me at my first lesson ‘Singing is emotional, physical, mental and spiritual.’
She was right.

Kevin uses dulcimediration in his personal Creative Life Design coaching.He works with doctors, clergy, and professionals seeking happiness, clarity and more fun in their lives.

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