Steve Eulberg

Playing Blues in A on Mt. Dulcimer whule tuned D-A-d
(Intermediate to Advanced)

The mountain dulcimer is perfectly set up to play blues in the key of A when tuned in our familiar tuning!  We'll play 12 bar blues progression, the pentatonic minor and blues scales to channel the blues in our soul through our dulcimer!

Hammer Dulcimer Beginner Class

Things I Wish I Had Known when I began to Play My Hammered Dulcimer.   
I was so drawn to the instrument that I bought, built and played it in public in a week.  (I won't vouch for the quality of the performance! and while I remember and appreciate the enthusiasm, I don't recommend this path.)  13 years later I decided to actually learn how the instrument worked and how I might learn to play it better.  Here's what I wish I had known.

Hammer Dulcimer Advanced Beginner/ Intermediate Class

Removing the Expensive Notes. 
Using a familiar tune (The Ash Grove), we will explore the whole instrument with melodic and harmonic arranging ideas
like I've done with Tweaking Twinkles (in Dulcimer Players News).

"Smile-inducing, toe-tapping, thought-provoking folkgrass" is how reviewers describe award-winning instrumentalist and songwriter Steve Eulberg's music. 

"I live for the aha! experiences that people have and am dedicated to helping people enjoy their musical explorations on their instruments and share them with others," Eulberg says. Students respond enthusiastically to his engaging style and warm sense of humor, making him in demand at festivals across the USA.

Awarded 5 times in the national mountain dulcimer contest at Winfield, he is also a multiple finalist in the national hammered dulcimer contest. His music has been included in the Masters of the Mountain Dulcimer Compilations, Great Players of the Mountain Dulcimer, and has been featured on PBS' RoadTrip Nation, United Airlines Inflight Audio and NPR. With over 20 recordings to his credit, he is active in the San Francisco Chapter of NARAS (Grammys), Local 1000 AFM (Traveling Musicians), Eulberg owns Owl Mountain Music, Inc., and is co-owner and teacher at